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By delivering emphatic, Scripture-based songs - and standing toe-to-toe with mainstream mega-groups like Foreigner, Kansas and Journey, Petra exploded onto the next level with 1982's 'More Power To Ya'. Rising to arena-size shows for tours sometimes up to 300 dates per year, Petra became the most acclaimed, best-selling and most revered band in Christian music. Re-uniting the line-up present for the band's most stunning successes during that time, 'Back To The Rock' demonstrates that Petra is still a band to be reckoned with. Anchored by Bob Hartman's rock-solid chops, John Lawry's techno-key wizardry, Louie Weaver's plaintive, powerful percussion, Greg X Volz's soaring vocals and Mark Kelley's shimmering bass, 'Back To The Rock' is anything but a 'reunion'. It's a redefinition. FIlmed ln Nashville, this live DVD also includes a documentary that tells the Petra story, right up to the reunion of Classic Petra.

Back To The Rock (DVD)

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